We are sowas von international…

… because gold is! Gold is the international currency of the people and the central banks, while gold, mathematics, love, peace and happiness are the international „currencies“ of the people only. (Bitte nehmen Sie diesen einen Webbeitrag hiernach nicht zu ernst, aber in Zeiten, da man gern dicker aufträgt und alles nur noch „giga“ ist, wollten wir auch mal all diese Worte benutzen, die einen größer und doller machen, als man eigentlich ist… )

Welcome to our international scrap gold purchase landing page,
and please allow for us talking to you in one of the most wide spread languages on the planet.

If you come from a foreign country to sell the precious metals „you carry on your body“, you may be better off selling them to us, than selling them some place else…
You have been directed to this webpage in english language from your individual country flag button, but this does not mean, that you will not be handled totally appropriately up to your individual needs and requirements, in terms of language to start with.

Your scrap buying team representative is looking forward to receiving your request

in cooperation with, member of and dearly connected to
Schiefer & Co. (GmbH & Co.) & everybody …members of the Schiefer Group!
Precious metals refineries ( many and every metal!)

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P.S. We actually do speak french, spanish, russian, portuguese, nigerian, englisch, polish and … german. For all other languages, we will have a UN-simultaneous translator at your disposal (plse, send your gold first…)


By the way, we decided to participate in the „WorldScarf“-project of Hamburg based Designer Sibilla Pavenstedt lately. Please click on „the world“-icon left…


This is, what the Brandenburg Gate looked like the night after the bomb attack in Russia on April 3rd 2017.

This is, what it could have looked like during the day after, covered by Christo & Jeanne-Claude, if ever the Russian victims would have been sufficiently appropriate to be mourned, just like victims in other countries of the predominantly religious western cultures… mmmh!


We found the following spread view of all the appropriate nations mourning illuminations of the „Brandenburger Tor“ from an online newspaper and captured that beautiful landscape with our own camera…



Finally, they found light beams with the russian colors … but they didn´t make it to Berlin.. they stopped in Dresden to light up the Kulturpalast in the national colors of the Russian Federation. Compliments for that interaction on a high level…


Originaltext in English >>> (Achtung poppt brutal) 

Schlechte Übersetzung des Songtextes >>>

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